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Blast The Ads is not only a Fully Loaded Text Ad Exchange, but a Manual Surf Exchange as well! Surf Exchanges are a Great way to get Exposure to Your Site(s)! We can Guarantee Exposure for you! All Members, based upon membership level, must view a certain number of Surf Pages before they can access the advertising area!! This is advertising on auto-pilot! You just set up some Surf Pages and we do the rest for you!

Blast The Ads has a Brand New Feature, The Personal Referral Builder. This is a Fr*ee Tool for All Members and Creates a Viral Advertising Effect. Members can set up a list of their favorite programs/sites/businesses, with important information/highlights about each one. You can promote all your favorite sites on one page! Your referrals will see your page and be able to join any of the programs you have listed. This is where the viral effect comes in... when they add their programs to their page and promote it, their sponsors programs will also show on the page, five deep!! Members you didn't even directly refer will be advertising for you!

Solo Ads and Super Solos are still the Best and Favorite way to Reach a Large Audience. Here at Blast The Ads, we use a Credit Based System for All of Our Ads. We know your Solo/Super are going to be read because that is how other members earn the points they need to exchange for free advertising. Members view other members ads to receive their credits. This is true with other types of advertising as well, such as Traffic Links, Headline Ads, Hot Links, ect. Remember, the more enticing your subject line, the more members you will have clicking on YOUR ads. More Clicks = More Traffic. More Traffic = More Sales!

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To Your Success,
Amy Gaudio

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Monthly Ads
Monthly Ads Solo Ads Cash Solo Ads Traffic Links PTC Links Banner Ads Button Banner Ads Hot Links Ads Log In Ads Monthly Points
Pro Members None None 1 None 1 None 1 None 5000
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Super JV
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Absolutely NO auto responders of any kind on your
contact email address! This includes Boxbe. If I receive bounced mail due to
auto responders, your account will be deleted. If your account is deleted for any of
the above reasons, any advertising and commissions owed will become void.

50000 points upon upgrading

$0.03 commissions for every Cash Solo clicked

$0.05 commissions for every High Priority Cash Solo clicked

$0.04 commissions for every PTC Link clicked

400 points for every Traffic Link clicked

1200 points for every Solo ad clicked

4000 points for every High Priority Solo ad clicked

8000 points for every Admin ad clicked

Post 20 text ads per day

Post 20 html ads per day

Save 25 text ads

Save 25 html ads

Save 10 solo ads

Have 25 links in the Referral Link Cloaker

5000 points for every referral

300 points when a referral logs in

Earn 35% in cash commissions on Level 1

Earn 15% in cash commissions on Level 2

$0.25 for every JV Member referred

Price: $25.00 Lifetime

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15000 points upon upgrading

$0.01 commissions for every Cash Solo clicked

$0.03 commissions for every High Priority Cash Solo clicked

$0.02 commissions for every PTC Link clicked

200 points for every Traffic Link clicked

600 points for every Solo ad clicked

2000 points for every High Priority Solo ad clicked

4000 points for every Admin ad clicked

Post 10 text ads per day

Post 10 html ads per day

Save 10 text ads

Save 10 html ads

Save 5 solo ads

Have 10 links in the Referral Link Cloaker

1000 points for every referral

100 points when a referral logs in

Earn 25% in cash commissions on Level 1

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